Geopathic Stress


What is Geopathic Stress?

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Geopathic Stress is a blanket term used to describe the detrimental effects of locally concentrated natural forces arising from the Earth, upon living tissue of all kinds; and specifically, their disturbing and degenerative effects upon the health of people.

Unexplained illness, lethargy, or agitation may well be caused by such forces; and Geopathic Stress is often indicated in patients not responding to treatment.

A competent diviner can accurately detect these forces. If your bed, sofa, or desk is found to have been positioned so that you have been unwittingly and frequently placing yourself in the path of them for any length of time, then this may very possibly have been having a gradual and detrimental effect on your health.

A diviner will be able to map out the path of any such disturbing influences and, if considered intense enough to be having a detrimental effect, advise you on the repositioning of your furniture to avoid any such ill effects in the future.

Jay Woodman is a diviner who has been trained by Doug Bates in Scotland. Doug works full time as a water and mineral diviner, and has made programmes about his work for radio and TV. Both Doug and Jay have this ancient art in their ancestry, and seek to continue the tradition, blending it with the Science of Geology to create a modern synthesis with up-to-date standards of professionalism.

At your invitation, we would visit your home or workplace and map out your rooms, showing the current positions of furniture, and adding any anomalies we might detect by divining. If we consider the intensity of any such anomalies to be great enough to be detrimental, then we will also advise on possible solutions. Fortunately, as geopathically stressed zones occur in narrow, clearly definable bands, they can usually be avoided by rearranging beds etc to make the best use of safe areas.

Once sufferers are removed from regular exposure to Geopathic Stress, they sleep better, feel less agitated, can concentrate better, and feel more energetic. Chronic pain is often relieved, & may disappear altogether. Partial remission or even complete recovery from serious disease may occur over a period of months.

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  What Causes Geopathic Stress?

To begin to understand the dynamics of Geopathic Stress we need a working knowledge of Cosmology, Nuclear Physics, and Geology, as every point on the surface of the earth is affected by complex interactions between cosmic, solar, and terrestrial radiation; the earth’s gravitational and magnetic fields; and structural and mineralogical characteristics of the underlying geology, which are as yet poorly understood . . . .

The detectable results of these complex interactions are that streams of high-energy ionised particles and very high-frequency electromagnetic radiation become concentrated over specific underground occurences which disturb the earth’s magnetic field, such as geological faults and fissures, veins of flowing groundwater, volcanic intrusions, and concentrations of magnetic or radioactive minerals.

These concentrated streams of particles and radiation can vary in intensity up to 200 times the normal background radiation levels, particularly in areas where two or more of the underground occurrences coincide, or intersect. The commonest of these enhanced zones are found over geological faults and groundwater veins, and typically occur in narrow sheets or bands, rising out of the earth in a vertical plane of virtually unstoppable high-energy emissions.

How Does It Affect Our Health?

Regular prolonged exposure to ‘enhanced radiation zones’ in the workplace or in the home, and especially sleeping every night in the influence of one, can have subtle and sometimes dangerously detrimental effects on the metabolism, the immune system, and the brain and central nervous system.

What Are The Symptoms?

Typical early symptoms are insomnia, restlessness and hyperactivity (especially in children), lack of energy, restlessness in sleep, persistent nightmares, headaches, inability to relax, muscular tension and cramps, and stiffness and pain in joints. Continued regular exposure begins a breakdown of immunity, with increasing susceptibility to common colds and infections. Prolonged regular exposure exacerbates existing weaknesses and illnesses, and can cause a variety of chronic ailments, including degenerative diseases such as Arthritis, M.E., Multiple Sclerosis, and many forms of Cancer.

What Can Be Done About It?

As already explained in the first half of the leaflet, Dowsers or Water Diviners can detect underground water veins, geological faults, and other subterranean anomalies by apprehending the subtle physical changes in their bodies and senses caused by the associated disturbances in electromagnetic radiation. (They will often use various tools to translate or magnify these subtle changes into reactions more obvious to the observer.) It is then possible to map them out and rearrange furniture in order to avoid any ill effects from such disturbing influences in the future.